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Andres Bustillo Iglesias

Andrés Bustillo Iglesias

Andrés Bustillo Iglesias

Hi! My name is Andrés Bustillo Iglesias and this is my personal website.

I am a professor in the Area of Languages and Computer Systems of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Burgos and I'm a professor in the Audiovisual Communication degree. I belong to the Admirable Research Group and the Digit and Arpal Teaching Innovation Groups of the University of Burgos.

I enjoy new challenges… one way or another, I always end up involved in some new project! In truth: never alone. I always have great colleagues who work, know and fight for goals that they end up making their own too.


MARCH 2022: New Research Publication in the JMIR Serious Games Magazine: «A systematic review of serious games for children and adolescents: awarebess, prevention, detection and therapy for depression and anxiety» and it has reached h-index 20 on Scopus.

FEBRUARY 2022: David Checa has defended his thesis titled "Advantages and limitations of Immersive Virtual Reality educational applications in learning", Congratulations for the grear work! A new newsletter from the Riskreal Project about VR in the assessment and training of psychosocial skills.

JANUARY 2022: New research publication in the Virtual Reality magazine: «Immersive virtual-reality computer-assembly serious game to enhance autonomous learning» and term open for the reception of articles for the special session "XR for learning and training: new trends and possibilities" at the XR Salento 2022 congress.

DECEMBER 2021: New article published in Dyna: «Virtual Reality opportunities in the reduction of occupational hazards in Industry 4.0» and our paper «A review of immersive virtual reality serious games to enhance learning and training» has reached the 100 citations at Google Scholar.

NOVEMBER 2021: Granted a new project of the Junta de Castilla y Leon: "Intelligent simulator in Collaborative Immersive Virtual Reality for the prevention of occupational risks due to crushing in metal or plastic industries (ACIS)" and carrying out an Erasmus+ stay at the Technological University of Gdansk.

OCTOBER 2021: The paper published online «Use of machine learning algorithms for surface roughness prediction of printed parts in polyvinyl butyral via fused deposition modeling» has been published in print in The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.